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Abstracts and articles

Rules for the preparation of abstracts:

Abstract in Polish and English should include the aim, methods and research results (excluding tables, figures) and final conclusions. Abstracts should take a maximum of two pages. The text should be prepared in Microsoft Word 2003 or later version, font Times New Roman, size 12, leading 1.0.

Please, use following template when preparing your abstract.
Conference materials will include abstracts of all papers and posters.

Abstracts should be sent to the e-mail address of the Congress: kongresreologiczny@po.opole.pl

Rules for the preparation of articles:
Submitted articles will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Committee Polish Congress on Rheology and upon approval will be published in selected journals:

  • Polimery
  • Inżynieria i Aparatura Chemiczna
  • Przemysł Chemiczny
  • Żywność. Nauka. Technologia. Jakość
  • Nauki Inżynierskie i Technologia
  • Cement Wapno Beton

The paper should be prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the journal.
The author pays possible fee for the printing of the article.