20 - 22 Października 2013, Centrum Wykładowo-Konferencyjne Politechniki Poznańskiej ul. Piotrowo 2


We invite companies to present equipment and accessories, reagents, chemical additives, publishers of books, scientific and technical literature related to the topic of the Congress.


 Prescribed form of promotion and advertisement:
• Placing the company LOGO on the website of the Congress and conference materials
• Distribution of leaflets with conference materials for participants of the Congress
• Placing brochures, books or promotional materials at the Faculty of Civil Engineering
• Exhibition of research equipment or books at the Faculty of Civil Engineering
• Promotional lecture


For exhibitors is offered a standard exhibition stand, located at the Faculty of Civil Engineering Opole University of Technology, Katowicka Street 48, 45-061 Opole.

Further information can be found by contacting:

Secretary of the Congress: Assoc. Elżbieta Janowska-Renkas, prof. PO

tel. (77) 449 85 96
e-mail: kongresreologiczny@po.opole.pl


The condition for participation in the exhibition is to send until 30 April 2015 completed application form as pdf file by e-mail kongresreologiczny@po.opole.pl.

Persons interested in participation in the Congress, please register on the Congress website and make a payment into the account:

Branch name and address: BZWBK S.A. II o/ Poznań, ul. Jugosłowiańska 10, Poznań
Account no: 17 1090 1346 0000 0000 3428 4936 

RHL – Service
ul. Warzywna 8
62-081 Wysogotowo

NIP: 779-104-39-65

Transfer name: Polski Kongres Reologii - Opole 2015 – wystawca – company name